Knits: drafting a torso


Offered Fall 2022, Oct 17 - Dec 5, mon | 5-6:30p


Class Description:


The student will learn how to draft a basic knit torso foundation with sleeve from measurements. We will then draft knit torso slopers in all stretch categories; minimal, moderate, very stretchy, super stretchy, and four-way stretch. These slopers form the foundation for tops, dresses, jackets and sweaters. Students will make test garments for  basic sloper and sleeve. These will be fitted and any changes will be transferred to the patterns.

In this class, we will cover

  • Introduction to knits

  • How to take proper measurements

  • Torso draft

  • Creating a "muslin" test garment

  • Fitting & revision of working torso pattern

  • Basic knit sleeve draft

  • Creating a test garment

  • Fitting of sleeve

  • Adjustment of torso armhole/sleeve cap to proper ration

  • Grade torso pattern into all stretch categories

  • Grade sleeve pattern into all stretch categories

  • Virtual student showcase of work



  • Tape measure

  • Ruler and square, or gridded transparent ruler at least 18” long

  • Drafting curve

  • Paper for drafting ( available in art or office supply stores)

  • Scotch tape

  • Pencils and erasers ( colored pencils as well)

  • Pins

  • 2 yds. medium weight ponte, or other stable knit