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Drafting a Jacket or Coat




8 weeks

Session Dates

Jan 17 - Dec 6

Days/Times Offered (All PST)

W 10-11:30 am or W 6:30-8 pm



This class is the foundational piece for drafting various jacket and coat styles. Using our sloper/basic block, we will create both jacket and coat shells with a fitted, one-piece sleeve. The draft (your choice of jacket or coat) will be mocked up in muslin and fitted.

We will move on to draft patterns for a three panel jacket and two-piece fitted sleeve. You will learn to draft various lapel shapes, including shawl collars, notched collars and others. We will draft vents, pockets and all the necessary internal pieces. These include facings, interfacing, stays and lining.


  • A copy of your sloper/basic block 

  • Tape measure

  • Ruler and square, or gridded transparent ruler at least 18” long (here’s an example - see the 2” X 18” size)

  • Drafting curve (here’s Lynda’s favorite)

  • Paper for drafting (available in art or office supply stores, just make sure it’s at least 36” wide and copy paper weight)

  • Scotch tape

  • Pencils and erasers (colored pencils as well)

  • Pins

  • Medium weight muslin, unwashed


  • From a sloper, draft a jacket block and a coat block

  • Draft various necklines, including a notched collar and shawl collar

  • Draft a 2-part sleeve

  • Draft various pocket types

  • Draft all internal pieces, including facing, interfacing, stays

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