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Moulage Workshop




8 weeks

Session Dates

Oct 23 - Dec 11

Days/Times Offered (All PST)

M 5:30-7 pm



The student will learn how to draft a pattern from measurements that fits the figure exactly. Upon completion of the draft, the student will make a muslin test garment to check and adjust the fit. Wearing ease will be added to the adjusted pattern to create a basic block, or sloper.


  • Tape measure

  • Ruler and square, or gridded transparent ruler at least 18” long (here’s an example - see the 2” X 18” size)

  • Drafting curve (here’s Lynda’s favorite)

  • Paper for drafting (available in art or office supply stores, just make sure it’s at least 36” wide and copy paper weight)

  • Scotch tape

  • Pencils and erasers (colored pencils as well)

  • Pins

  • 8 yards of medium weight muslin, unwashed

  • 1 separating zipper, 30” long, or a 24” regular zipper


  • Taking proper measurements

  • Drafting a moulage block

  • Preparing a muslin test garment and fitting it

  • Draft a basic sleeve pattern

  • Preparing a muslin test sleeve and fitting it

  • Transferring adjustments to the working pattern

  • Drafting a bodice sloper

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